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Over Half a Million Hours Of Care Provided


We believe that everyone, along with their loved ones, should have the freedom to choose and receive the best care possible, be in possession of their daily activities, and have their specific care needs satisfied.
At Osprey Angels Home Care Services, we want our clients to be free to follow their interests, passions, and relationships without being hindered by any personal, professional, or health issues.
For this reason, we provide individualized, skilled, and compassionate private in-home care that gives family caregivers peace of mind while giving their loved one companionship and supported independence.
With every interaction, our highly skilled and knowledgeable professional care teams demonstrate warmth, kindness, and compassion.
We offer assistance with a range of services, such as palliative care, specially-abled care, personal care, and home-to-hospital transfers. We also specialize in providing high-quality care in areas such as dementia care, including Alzheimer and mobility changes, making sure your loved ones can always live their lives as they choose.

Our Osprey Angels Team

At Osprey Angels Home Care Services, we conduct a rigorous screening procedure when selecting our caregivers, assuring that we only hire the best skilled individuals. People with a strong sense of professionalism who engage with the highest integrity and ethical standards in their work are given preference. By prioritizing professionalism and implementing a thorough screening procedure, our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service at every stage.

It is imperative to highlight that all our Caregivers undergo rigorous and professional firsthand training, holding essential certifications in areas such as Diploma in Caregiving, First-aid, CPR and AED, Advanced food safety and hygiene, Dementia Care and Management, Vulnerable Sector and Criminal Background Check, and are fully insured. Training and development of our caregivers is an ongoing process and frequent workshops/training programmes are conducted to ensure that best services are provided by our caregivers to our clients. This commitment to excellence and safety underscores our core values.

When Might You Need A Private In-Home Care Agency?

If the Continuing Care has granted you approval to receive in-home care services.

You need more assistance now that you are home from the hospital.

You require immediate assistance but are awaiting an assessment and approval for continuing care.
You require assistance to heal from your injury—such as a fall—and to prevent such incidents in the future.

For the reliable and prompt in-home care you need from a respectable in-home care provider

When you or your caretaker needs a break, someone needs to look after your loved one.

Why Choose Osprey Angels Home Care Services?

We are aware of the difficulties involved in providing care for the senior, the  specially- abled, and those who need an additional set of hands to monitor their little children.
We therefore provide more than just care.    
We can assist you and your loved one in the following ways right now:    

Client-First Approach   
Because we recognize each person's uniqueness and work to provide a supportive atmosphere that supports independence and well-being, we tailor our services to match the specific needs of the customers.  

Custom Health Plans   
Personality comes first to us. We ensure that every client has a unique and personalized experience by tailoring our care programmers to meet their specific requirements and preferences.  

Comprehensive Approach 
Osprey Angels priorities a comprehensive approach that considers a client's emotional, social, and mental health in addition to medical care to enhance their quality of life. 
High Expectations  
Every personalized in-home care service that we offer is of the greatest in Caliber.   
Prioritizing safety  
To ensure the protection of our clients, every team member has undergone extensive background checks, including police and reference checks, interviews, trials, and supervision.   

Put Money Into People   
We take great satisfaction in providing our clients with exceptional individualized attention and compassion. We think that our teammates ought to receive the same treatment from us. For this reason, we treat, encourage, and grow our team members as though they were a member of our family.
Working Together 
In order to continuously improve our services and meet changing needs, we actively listen to the concerns and input of carers, medical professionals, and the community. 

Both Flexibility and Adaptability 
Every client has different needs and schedules. We provide flexible scheduling choices so that our customers can get care at the times and frequencies that are most convenient for them. 

Caregiver-Patient Pairing 
In order to create a happy and comfortable care relationship, we carefully match clients with carers, taking into account each person's distinct requirements, preferences, and character features. 

Best value care
You Would Be Surprised to Learn How Affordable High-Quality Care Can Be With Osprey Angels Home Care Services. All you need to do is set up a time for your free evaluation and no-obligation estimate. 

Adaptable Schedule 
We may offer live-in care for as little as one hour or as much as twenty-four hours a day since our team is very flexible. Your needs may change over time, and our supportive measures are flexible as well. 

Identical Faces 
Our Skilled Care Staff Offers Unrivalled Companionship. Our care approach is so successful because we assign the same care team to each client. This is so they may establish long-lasting relationships with your loved one and offer assurance and faith in the quality of care they are receiving. 

Not Sure Where to Begin?

With years of experience in delivering in-home care, we can help you determine what sort of support you need. Whether you are planning for the future or would want to start care now, we can help. Give us a call; we would be happy to talk to you.

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Benefits of choosing private in-home care with Osprey Angels?

High Standards

24-Hour Care Is Offered

Can Begin in less than an hour if necessary Not on any waiting lists

While you're waiting for continuing care to approve you to start, start providing care.

Free Tailored Care Plans To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Helping You Get to Your Neighbourhood

Open and Responsible

No setup costs

No Extra Charges or Fees

Complete Police & Reference Checks on All Carers

No Departure Fees

Excellent, Cost-Effective Care

Kind, Compassionate, Friendly and Skilled Professional Care

Dependable and steady

Free Evaluations

Family Members Provided Assistance

We Support And Empower Our Care Professionals