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A leisurely drive can be an excellent approach to provide home care, promoting wellbeing and relaxation for both the care recipient and the carer. To maximize this time, consider the following advice:

Safety First: Ensure the person in your care is safe. If they are accompanying you, make sure they are comfortable, have any required mobility assistance, and are suited to the weather. 

Plan the Route: Choose a nice and safe path for a stroll, such as parks or serene neighborhoods. When driving, select locations that the care recipient would find enjoyable.

Mindful and Soothing Atmosphere: Appreciate the surroundings or start a conversation if the other person enjoys it. Point out noteworthy views, listen to the sounds of nature, or simply relax and enjoy the silence.

Regularity and Routine: Make these rides or walks a part of your daily schedule. Frequent outings can provide structure for the day and become something to look forward to.

Comfort and Amenities: If going for a drive, pack relaxing music, their favorite audiobook, or some favorite foods. Ensure the car is comfortable and meets the occupant's needs. 

Physical Activity: Encourage light exercise appropriate for the person's condition during a stroll. Take breaks to relax on benches or enjoy the surroundings. When driving, consider stopping somewhere, they can move around a little if desired.

Enjoyment and Engagement: Promote interaction with the surroundings by pausing to notice areas of interest or having discussions during the drive or stroll.

Flexibility: Be ready to modify plans as needed. Adjust or reschedule the outing if the care recipient isn't feeling well or if the weather is unfavorable.

Self-Care for the Carer: Take care of yourself during this time. Both the carer and the person receiving care can benefit from fresh air and a change of scenery.

Remember that the main objective of a leisurely drive or walk in home care service is to make the experience pleasant and stress-free for both the care recipient and the carer. Activities should be tailored to accommodate each person's requirements and preferences to provide a stress-free and enjoyable time spent together.

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Osprey Angels have very good caregivers, they understand English very well and takes initiatives on there own to fulfill my care needs I enjoy their company very much I am happy to see them back. Thank you Osprey Angels for providing extraordinary care and support. 


Paul Dunphy

I am pleased to have caregiver from Osprey Angels. They are always willing to help out with anything. My wife really likes them. They are very helpful, friendly, caring and kind. We love to see them every Friday and also special thanks to entire team of Osprey Angel❤ for making our life ease. 


Norman Budge 

I have had the great pleasure of having Osprey Angels to sit with my Uncle Gerald during his stay in 4E at the Regional hospital. They are absolute angels and I would highly recommend them as a sitter/carer. Not only they sit with the patients, they goes over and above to do little things to help the patients and the family members. The little extras make difficult situation much better. 


Jeannie Fraser 


As part of a private care solution, we offer professionally trained and empathetic in-home care that is individually designed to meet your needs.

With our private care services, receiving the care you require is quite simple. You may choose to accept treatment as soon as you need it or with a government-approved package. No delays occur. The greatest caliber of treatment may begin right away.

Selecting Osprey Angels Home Care Services will get you access to our skilled in-home carers' warmth and compassion, who will really care for you and establish a solid rapport with you and your loved ones.

Whether you simply need a few hours of assistance a week, or perhaps you require 24-hour care for a severe ailment or end-of-life care from our skilled caregivers.

The duration of the help you require may vary from a few days to several months.
The most important thing is that you receive the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time and place, just when you need it.

Osprey Angels Home Care Services offers professional in-home care for your loved one, whether you need a few hours of assistance per week or round-the-clock assistance from our skilled care professionals.

We provide help for one or two days, as well as for several months or years. The most important thing is that you receive the appropriate treatment when, when, and how you need it.

We have expertise with a range of care service packages, so please get in contact if you need more assistance or would want to learn more about our other offerings.

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